A new primary school in the heart of Wixams creating exceptional and unique educational opportunities

Wixams Tree Primary will open the doors of its exciting new building in September 2017 to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils and will provide a vibrant and exciting learning environment where all children feel happy and confident to achieve excellence in everything they do.

Visualisation of Wixams Tree Primary

Our vision & values

We are friendly, warm-hearted and considerate.

We are aware of our common heritage and respectful of other religions, traditions and lifestyle.

We have a love for learning, embracing change and relishing the unfamiliar

We are creative and determined, taking responsibility for our learning and have the ability to lead and work collaboratively with others.

We have the highest expectations of ourselves and others and are prepared to face new challenges positively, to create opportunity and a bright future.

Our vision and values